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Sunset Cruise With Optional Dinner

This is the dinner sunset cruise everyone is talking about. The sunsets are sure to amaze!

Quick Details

Adult with Dinner Tuesday - Sunday
Adult No Meal
Child with Dinner Tuesday - Sunday
Child No Meal
Children Under 2

River Eco-Tour, Sunset, & Dinner Cruise in Tampa Bay

Embark on your journey with a serene guided cruise along the tranquil waters of the Little Manatee River, nestled within the Tampa Bay Estuary. Here, a vibrant ecosystem thrives, hosting a plethora of wildlife unique to the area. Immerse yourself in tales of our rich local history as you drift along the picturesque riverbanks.

As the sun gently sets beyond the expanse of the Gulf of Mexico, prepare to be captivated by a breathtaking display of colors painting the sky. Keep your eyes peeled, for you may be delighted by the playful antics of dolphins gracefully gliding alongside the boat.

Bring new meaning to waterfront dining as you indulge in a tasty catered meal paired with your choice of an adult beverage, soft drink, or refreshing water.


Onboard Dinner Options

Dinner from Bubbaque’s

  • Opt 1 – Texas Brisket Dinner, BBQ Baked Beans, Mac n Cheese
  • Opt 2 – Pulled Pork Dinner, BBQ Baked Beans, Mac n Cheese
  • Opt 3 – Smoked Turkey, Steamed Broccoli, Steamed Corn Cob
  • Opt 4 – Chopped Chicken Dinner, Green Beans, Steamed Corn Cob
  • Opt 5 – Fried Shrimp Dinner, BBQ Baked Beans, Cole Slaw
  • Opt 6 – Texas Sausage, BBQ Baked Beans, Steamed Corn
  • Opt 7 – Salad w/ Chopped BBQ Chicken (specify no chicken for vegetarian preference)
  • Opt 8 – Fried Chicken Tenders, Baked Beans, Mac n Cheese

Kids Meals

  • Kids Opt 1 – Chicken Tenders, Mac n Cheese, Cookie
  • Kids Opt 2 – Jr. Pork Sandwich, Mac n Cheese, Cookie
  • Kids Opt 3 – Corn Dog Nuggets, Mac n Cheese, Cookie

*Note: Meals are pre-selected. Substitutions allowed for allergies & vegetarians only.